Verbotene Liebe: Carla's Relashionships

One of the longest running German TV series, Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) is about an aristocratic family of whom Carla Von Lahnstein, the main character is a lesbian and much of the current storyline revolves around her love life.

Carla Sophia von Lahnstein played by actress Claudia Hiersche since September 19, 2003. Carla is the oldest daughter of an aristocrat and a very smart and strong businesswoman. Her only weakness seems to be women. Carla has experienced both big love and tumoltuous love affairs with women.

1.Carla & Anke

2.Carla & Hanna

3.Carla & Susanne

4.Carla & Stella

Spesial thanks go out to CarlaFreak and Mizkel for these amazing video compilations and extraordinary German to English translation of Clara's love stories.

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