Vida de Familia 2007

Language: Spanish English Subs
Plot: "Vida de Familia" tells the story of Marta that is reaching forty years old and wants to have a baby; and her partner, Vanessa, that is much younger than her and not sure that she wants to have a baby that will change their lives. But when finally both agree to become mothers they find that the system does not help a “single” woman to qualify for artificial insemination or adoption.

Verbotene Liebe: Carla's Relashionships

One of the longest running German TV series, Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) is about an aristocratic family of whom Carla Von Lahnstein, the main character is a lesbian and much of the current storyline revolves around her love life.

Carla Sophia von Lahnstein played by actress Claudia Hiersche since September 19, 2003. Carla is the oldest daughter of an aristocrat and a very smart and strong businesswoman. Her only weakness seems to be women. Carla has experienced both big love and tumoltuous love affairs with women.

1.Carla & Anke

2.Carla & Hanna

3.Carla & Susanne

4.Carla & Stella

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Out of the Blue: Peta & Poppy

Poppy Hammond

Connections: Her partner is Peta. Her granny is Olive.

Interesting Facts: She has three unfinished university degrees and has dabbled in floristry, midwifery, anthropology and abseiling instruction, among other things.

About Poppy:

If Jarrod is the rock of the group, then Poppy is the breeze and the sunshine.

She's the most left-of-centre out of all her friends and skips through life with a deep love for spontaneity and adventure. Sometimes her seemingly scatterbrain ideas are exactly that. However, more often than not, there's method to Poppy's madness.

She has some truly mature insights into the workings of the human heart and a keen ability for exploring previously uncharted territory – and helping others do the same.

Poppy loves to learn for learning's sake and, as such, is curious about just about everything. She has three unfinished university degrees and has dabbled in floristry, midwifery, anthropology and abseiling instruction, among other things.

Growing up, Poppy was intrigued and confused with her early attraction to the same sex. Although she experimented with boys including Addo, Jarrod's younger brother, she has now found a true partner in Peta and is starting to make a new life with her in Manly. While her parents have been accepting of her relationship, it is a different story for her grandmother, Olive, who's finding it hard to adjust.

Character: Peta Lee

Connections: Her partner is Poppy. Originally from Adelaide, Peta's family live in South Australia.

Interesting Facts: For the last two years, Peta's been working in a remote Aboriginal community near Alice Springs.

About Peta: Originally from Adelaide, Peta is a gorgeous rebel – smart, educated, beautiful and sharp as a whip. She is a proud supporter of the underdog and fights dearly against conformity and social wrongdoings, especially now she's a lawyer.

For the past two years, Peta has been working in a remote Aboriginal community near Alice Springs. She was happily swept off her feet when the sunshiny hurricane that is Poppy blew into her life, and now she's getting used to the idea that Manly could be her new home – knowing how much it means to the woman she loves.

Exciting and elegant, Peta has never shied away from expressing herself fully and verbally, even from a young age.

Family affairs: Holly & Susie 1997/98

Holly Hart(Sandra Huggett) lesbian romance with Susie from British soap opera "Family affairs" 1997/98.

Holly Hart was played by Sandra Huggett from episode one in March 1997 until 1999, when she and the majority of her family were killed in a boat explosion. Holly had a lesbian relationship with bisexual Susie Ross, who was played by Tina Landini from 1997 until 1999.

Shortland Street: Jay and Maia

New Zealand's longest running daytime serial (debuted in 1992), recently celebrated its 4000th episode in the year 2008. The series has brought many firsts to the air including the much acclaimed Valentine's day civil union ceremony between Jay and Maia. The soap continues to have great popularity and shows no sign of ending its run..

Jay and Maia had already established a relationship when the viewers first came to know of them. In Australia, Jay had lived very publicly as a gay woman, while Maia had been more shy to reveal that side of her, but in their new surroundings, with Jay's whanau (extended family) about, the situation was quite the opposite. Nonetheless, their lives in New Zealand would see the woman achieve many firsts, such as a civil union and issues surrounding the formation of a family. This couple has gathered a rather huge following over the years and is one of the most beloved couples down under. Surely, their love story will remain one of the greatest romances of our time.

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Kick: Layla & Jackie

Kick debuted on Australia's SBS TV in the summer of 2007 and 13 episodes have been aired thus far. The series centers around the lives of several families from different cultural backgrounds who live on fictitious Hope Street. With humour and sensitivity, the audience has been introduced the characters' ambitions, their challenges, their loves and the way they live and get along with each other. Just out of its first season, Kick has already acquired quite a following, and at last report, it seems that a second season may already be in the works.

Layla and Jackie shared a passion for fencing and met when they revealed themselves to each other after a practice match at their university. Jackie was immediately attracted to this stranger and was sure that the feeling was mutual, but Layla only knew that she wanted to reach out and touch the woman without truly understanding whatever for. She was engaged to be married, and having amorous feelings for a woman certainly was not a part of the plan, but the attraction felt good and welcomed and she knew she would explore more. These were the beginnings of Kayla and Jackie's romance in the first season of the new series Kick. It is a romance that grew on Hope Street, one that encounters many road blocks, but is nonetheless destined to go down on record as being one of the greatest on-screen romances of our time.

The L Word - Season 6

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