Shortland Street: Jay and Maia

New Zealand's longest running daytime serial (debuted in 1992), recently celebrated its 4000th episode in the year 2008. The series has brought many firsts to the air including the much acclaimed Valentine's day civil union ceremony between Jay and Maia. The soap continues to have great popularity and shows no sign of ending its run..

Jay and Maia had already established a relationship when the viewers first came to know of them. In Australia, Jay had lived very publicly as a gay woman, while Maia had been more shy to reveal that side of her, but in their new surroundings, with Jay's whanau (extended family) about, the situation was quite the opposite. Nonetheless, their lives in New Zealand would see the woman achieve many firsts, such as a civil union and issues surrounding the formation of a family. This couple has gathered a rather huge following over the years and is one of the most beloved couples down under. Surely, their love story will remain one of the greatest romances of our time.

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