Kick: Layla & Jackie

Kick debuted on Australia's SBS TV in the summer of 2007 and 13 episodes have been aired thus far. The series centers around the lives of several families from different cultural backgrounds who live on fictitious Hope Street. With humour and sensitivity, the audience has been introduced the characters' ambitions, their challenges, their loves and the way they live and get along with each other. Just out of its first season, Kick has already acquired quite a following, and at last report, it seems that a second season may already be in the works.

Layla and Jackie shared a passion for fencing and met when they revealed themselves to each other after a practice match at their university. Jackie was immediately attracted to this stranger and was sure that the feeling was mutual, but Layla only knew that she wanted to reach out and touch the woman without truly understanding whatever for. She was engaged to be married, and having amorous feelings for a woman certainly was not a part of the plan, but the attraction felt good and welcomed and she knew she would explore more. These were the beginnings of Kayla and Jackie's romance in the first season of the new series Kick. It is a romance that grew on Hope Street, one that encounters many road blocks, but is nonetheless destined to go down on record as being one of the greatest on-screen romances of our time.

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