Las Aparicio: Julia and Mariana 2010

Las Aparicio" is a new soap novella from Mexico that centers around the lives and loves of Aparicio sisters: Julia, Mercedes and Alma.

[Liz Gallardo as Julia and Erendira Ibarra as Mariana]

Julia Aparicio and Mariana have been best friends since childhood and virtually inseparable. Mariana had to left her home after she came out to her mother and her stepfather when she was only 14 years old, her real father left them when she was still young. Julia’s family treated her as a member of their family and gave her all the love and the affection she needed. Marianna have feelings for Julia for years but she hide them even from herself cause Julia is straight and she is currently in a relationship with Armando, a professional footballer and cheating, sex-addicted boyfriend, still, Julia hide her own little secret from Marianna..

How many compromises can u make for love? How far can u really go? Love has no boundaries. True love always find its way, enjoy this incredible love story ;)

Episodes 1-52 haven't Eng Subtitles, so ill post u the links from Recaps that have the dialogues inside, have fun :)

(Almost all episodes from 53+ are with eng subs)